Make-A-Bear Party

Make-A-Bear Party

Make your own stuffed friend.  We will guide the kids through the process of stuffing and bringing to life their own teddy bear. No sewing, ease & fun!

Package Includes:

One-hour in-person gathering,
Six Make-A-Bear Party Kits,
Make-A-Bear Party Stuffing Activity
Glitter Tattoos and Balloon Twisting

Each Make-A-Bear Party Kit Includes:

• One 8” unstuffed animal •
• Stuffing •
• Wishing star •
• Stuffed animal T-shirt •
• Carry-home box or bag •
• Birth certificate •



Make-A-Bear Party Kit: $24.99 each
Clothing and accessories from $14.99 each
Upgrade to 16” unstuffed animals from $9.99 each

The client must provide a 6-ft table and chairs

Please note:

* Prices subject to HST

– Travel fee: Travel fees may apply for Locations beyond 20 Km from Square One (Mississauga)

Fun in a Box


Activity kit ready to go!

Our fun box contains everything you need to make your own furry friend.

Perfect for party favour, play dates, wedding activity box for kids, DIY birthday craft, quarantine boredom buster, PA school day, cottage craft activity or a gift for any occasion.

Theme boxes are available for all different holidays and occasions (Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Graduation, Halloween, Christmas).

Our fun box includes:
One unstuffed animal 8’’ or 16”
Stuffing fibre
Birth certificate
Wishing star
Three DIY additional activities

From $29.99 each
(Minimum Order: 6 kits)


fun in a box


What ages are appropriate for your play areas?

Our playgrounds are designed for crawlers up to five-year-old children.

Adults may enter the play area,but may not sit/play on the equipment (excluding floors mats.). They should only be in there to support and supervise the lil' ones.

Each child needs to be monitored during use of our playground.

Who assembles and breakdown the play area?

We assemble and breakdown our soft play equipment for you on the date of your event. Time varies depending on the package selected, it can take anywhere from an hour to 2 hours for set up, same from breakdown.

How much space do I need for the playground?

We recommend measuring your available space, we can arrange pieces to fit your area. Please keep in mind it is not require having a perfect square/rectangle we can customize the layout.

We require 50% deposit to book, It will be credited towards your invoice. Deposit are non-refundable if you need to cancel you will receive credit for future event. No exceptions.

Your invoice will also include a refundable security deposit of $200

When is my final balance due?

Your invoice is due 3 days prior to your event.

How long are rentals for?

Rentals are for up to 8 hours, within our normal business hours 10am -8pm.

Play area rules:

Soft Play areas are designed for children 5 years and under.

No food, drinks, gum, or sweets in play area.

Play at your own risk

NO diving in ball pit

NO shoes, sneakers, flip flops or sandals

NO pushing, shoving, wrestling, horseplay, or piling

NO equipment should be removed from within play area

NO Paint stain/mess-prone (i.e., glitter, slime, messy art, temporary tattoos ,face paint etc.) are not allowable in soft play area

NO Confetti, NO Painted Easter eggs filled with confetti, the paint used to paint Easter eggs stains our equipment.

All sharp objects must be removed before play (including pens, pencils, jewelry, knives, eyeglasses, bling on pockets, etc.)

Do not enter if you are pregnant or have physical problems.


If you like to hire an attendant, please let us know.





- No shoes, strictly NO HIGH HEELS.

- No face paint and/or glitter allowed.

- No food, drinks or lollies.

- Children under 5 only.

- Kids must be supervised by adults at all times when playing.

- No animals, sand, water or any liquids close to the equipments.

- Ensure no smoking on or near the equipment.


- We do set up outdoors, but if there is any chance of rain or heavy wind, you should have a back up indoor area, otherwise we won't be able to deliver the equipment.

- We do ask that you keep the equipment in a shaded area where the equipment will not get too hot for your kids.

- Ensure set up area is cleared, dry and free of debris and dog waste prior to our arrival.


- We will arrive 45min-1hr prior to your event start time to begin set up.

- If there will be any restrictions that may delay set up (like stairs, lack of parking, etc.) please let us know through our request form or prior to the event.

- There is a delivery fee for every rental and it will vary on location.

- High heels worn on our equipment cause irremediable damages. The Hirer will be responsible for paying $20 per mat damaged.


- Equipment is cleaned before and after every event, and we sanitise it after setting it up on event venue.

Damage/Cleaning Deposit.

- We ask for a $200 refundable deposit.

- We will return the bond within three (3) business days following completion of the Hire period.

- We will retain the Bond (in part or full) if:

  • The equipment is damaged or otherwise not returned in the condition it was prior to the commencement of the Hire Period
  • The Hirer breaches any condition of the Hire Agreement.


Please be aware of the following rules to ensure full deposit is returned.


Rules to be aware of:

Maintaining Cleanliness.

There is no food/ drinks/ messy items allowed in the play area. No shoes are to be worn, This is a sock zone only. Paint, Food, Cake & Ice cream, Candy, Shoe prints and excessive dirt will be subjected to up to $100 cleaning fee.

All items must be returned back into the play area. Balls included.

Missing or damaged items.

The renter will be billed the full cost of the lost or damaged item.

We require a clean, dry, flat surface for setup.