The theme of our puppet show is friendship and its value.

Our puppet show performance is approximately 20 minutes.

No. None of our packages include prizes for the games, but we do encourage you to have some prizes to motivate kids into participating during the games. (dollar store prizes and/or small prizes are perfect)

When booking with us we can provide you with a list of our games and you are welcome to choose the games you want at your event. If you have a game that you want us to host and we do not have it in our list, you are welcome to ask us about it and we will try our best to host it as well .

Our entertainers are trained to try their best at motivating kids to participate. As some kids are shy, we encourage parents to come and participate with their kids and join the fun as well. If this does not work, we will continue with another of our activities.

For our performance, we have our own playlists and sound system, for this reason during our performance we will be using our own sound system.

We are committed to providing a fun but safe and appropriate atmosphere with kids, for this reason we carefully choose our music to not contain any swear language or bad messages. We play famous kids tracks and top charts music.

Please be aware of changing weather conditions as well of having a power outlet for some of our activities. (Power outlets depend on your chosen package)

Of course!!! We hope that you enjoy our service to the fullest and we thank you in advance as most of our host and entertainers are students and this can help them.

When giving us tips, you can give it to each entertainer or to one of them and we will divide it between all of the entertainers that hosted your party.

We encourage you to please contact us prior to your event, as most of the time we have events before and/or after yours and we sometimes cannot stay past the booked time.

Yes. Party Kidz is proud to be insured

When booking your event please let us know about parking information about your venue.
We do not cover parking fees and for this reason we please ask to be provided with one parking spot as we travel with our equipment to our events.

The only method of payment we accept during or after our performance is cash. We suggest to have your payment in an envelope ready for us before our arrival time, as we want you to enjoy of the party and not to be worried about gathering the cash during our performance.

We try our best to make it to every single one of our events, as we are committed to delivering our services and seeing children enjoy our activities. If a party was scheduled to be outdoors and weather conditions change, we are okay to change the location of our performance and adjusting to tight spaces.

We recommend that as you plan our time of performance, consider having a gap between the guest estimated time of arrival and the start of our performance. We recommend booking our performance 30-60 minutes after your guests estimated arrival time. If not all kids have arrived by the time our performance starts, we can begin with face painting and balloons.

Yes, if sound system is included with your chosen package.

With your package every child will receive a balloon. If time permits, we will be more than happy to give them an extra one.

For our performance we will need a table and two chairs and an appropriate space for our games and puppet show.

Also, depending on your package, We encourage you to have a minimum of two prizes as kids love to win prizes after a game.

All of our face painting materials meet the highest standard of quality and can be use on the most sensitive skin. We use the best brands in the market as this provide cosmetic paint that is: Hypoallergenic, Fragrance free and Washable

Yes. Our mascots are amazing dancers. (if your package does not include music from us, we encourage you to invite our mascot to dance your music)

No. The mascot will only greet, hug, and high five your guests as he walks and dances at your party.

Our mascot will dance but it will not talk as our staff cannot make the same voice as some of the characters.

Kids tend to lose focus on the mascots after 20 minutes. We also keep in mind the health and safety of our staff as most mascot costumes are very hot and have limited vision.

Our mascot, will greet and join you at your party for approximately 20 minutes.

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