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Choose one from our four carefully designed Birthday Party packages and save. 

We aim to spread happiness and make unforgettable moments for kids and families.

If you want to make your dream party a reality, then you are on the right spot. We believe that every party is different, which is quite a reality.

A children’s birthday party will be very different from a corporate event so their planning and arrangements will be accordingly.

Our four packages offer you the possibility to bring to your big celebration our most popular and amazing services in a bundle.

You can add extra time or extra services to any of them. 

This is our more convenient Birthday party package and is perfect when you decided to celebrate in an indoor playground or a play place. If you are hosting your event in our hometown (Mississauga) and have 10 guests or less, this is the package for you. Our talented face painting and balloon artists will be at your event along with one of our mascots for meet and greet. We understand that this is the perfect package for small crowds, so we can offer it to you, with an extra distance-based fee added to it, if your event is in one of Mississauga’s surrounding cities.

The Pop Package is your classic attached Birthday party package. If you are hosting a birthday, party and have less than 20 guests, this is the package for you. Our talented face painting and balloon artists will be at your event along with one of our mascots for meet and greet. The extra dash of energy, fun, and smiles are all complimentary with this package!

The Party entertainers will have your group of up to 15 children in a daze with classical games, like musical chairs, for the first part of the celebration. Even parents are welcome to participate if they wish!

Jaw dropping Kids face painting and fantastic balloons are shaped by our balloon artist. We’ll even sing-along the Happy Birthday song with you and your favourite fantasy mascot in the second part of our 90-minute service.

We’ll bring our own tunes, but feel free to ask for your favourites one before we arrive (If available on Spotify)

We understand that sometimes our clients want to go the extra mile and make their children’s birthday parties extra special!

Our Gold Package has been specially designed to cater to the needs of those parents and kids that want to make their next theme birthday parties an absolute hit and want to leave no stone unturned in making sure that happens.

Party Kidz offers you a GOLD VIP PARTY PACKAGE. For a value price, this includes all the extra frills. The Gold Package comes with all: Party Games, Contests, Music, and guaranteed fun for your guests. Our entertainers go the extra mile to include children and parents in the contests they run. Get enthralled with the amazing shapes and beautiful faces created by our balloon artist and face painter. And, really, who would miss out on a chance to picture themselves with their favourite cartoon and movie characters?

You will see a funny story played out by our puppets a then We’ll sing a grand ‘Happy Birthday’. Group photos with your friends, family, and favourite character are also included – 1, 2, 3, say Cheese!


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